The Standard for Immersive Home Audio Entertainment
WiSA-certified components work perfectly together to create an amazing home theater experience with no wires and no hassle. Bring your favorite games, shows, and movies to life and put yourself in the center of the action.
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A new, ridiculously easy-to-use technology lets you conveniently position speakers all around your living room for optimal sound. The amplifier is gone, and so are the pesky wires you once needed to run to each speaker.
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Surround Yourself
in Sound.
Feel the crowd roar while watching your favorite sports team, the dragon’s breath in your favorite show, or the thrill of battle while playing games. With WiSA, it’s not just audio. Give yourself the experience of a lifetime with WiSA home theater.
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If It's WiSA,
It Works.
No wires, no hassles, and no compromises. WiSA products deliver the future of audio. Wireless components connect in an instant to deliver professional-grade, high definition, easily scalable home theater audio.
Limitless Audio.
Whether it’s a 2.1 starter system or a full 7.1 surround experience, WiSA-certified devices always work in perfect harmony. Build, scale, mix, and match. With WiSA, the possibilities are endless.
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Leading with WiSA.