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The WiSA™ Association is an industry group dedicated to fostering the adoption of Wireless Speaker & Audio (WiSA) technology through interoperability testing and market-building activities worldwide. Learn more about becoming a member.
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Do high-end loudspeaker cables really make that much difference in the quality of the audio you are listening to?

I know this is a very controversial topic amongst audiophiles. There are those who swear that the higher the quality of the copper used in making the speaker cable and being married to the right outer coating and shielding along with the right thickness for the distance between speakers and the AVR definitely makes a big difference. But with prices ranging from a few cents per foot for the Home Depot crowd (average consumer) to somewhere in the vicinity of $2,500 per foot for those where price is no object, one would think the difference would be in the orders of magnitude.  But that’s not...

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