WiSA Association.
Only WiSA-certified components can deliver the precision and listening pleasure of the world’s leading audio brands without the wires or the hassle of traditional audio setups. For those who care about sound. Welcome to the ultimate listening experience.

Established in 2011, the WiSA (pronounced “why-suh”) Association is an industry group dedicated to promoting the adoption of WiSA-compliant wireless audio technology. The association fosters interoperability testing between CE devices and high-performance wireless speakers. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, the Association is structured around four component groups:

  • The WiSA licensing authority (WiSA, LLC): responsible for testing and interoperability compliance of WiSA-enabled products, association administrative management, logo and trademark compliance, and outbound marketing campaigns to promote broader awareness and adoption of the technology.
  • The WiSA Advisory Members: representatives from industry-leading companies of the home theater ecosystem, helping to guide the implementation, interoperability, and evolution of the technology.
  • The WiSA Technical Committee (TAC): addressing the technical challenges related to advancing wireless audio adoption. The focus of the TAC is to develop and propose wireless audio solutions for the home theater, consumer electronics, and professional A/V markets, while working with other standards bodies such as IEEE, AES, HDMI, and MHL for the advancement of wireless HD audio in their respective specifications.
  • WiSA Members: manufacturers of compliant products that incorporate WiSA technology.
  • WiSA Associate Members: branded resellers committed to sourcing and selling 100% compliant WiSA-enabled products.

For more information about the Association or WiSA technology, please contact info@wisaassociation.org

Association Charter

The purpose of the Wireless Speaker & Audio Association is to develop and promote the adoption of WiSA-certified products worldwide. Key elements of the Association’s charter include:

  • Promoting WiSA compliance for wireless HD audio connectivity and driving WiSA technology adoption in home theater markets.
  • Developing interoperability testing and compliance programs for speakers, DTVs, AV receivers and other CE devices that employ WiSA technology.
  • Developing and managing trademark and logo usage guidelines for WiSA compliance, in accordance with criteria set out by the Association.
  • Investigating alternative markets for WiSA interoperability, wherever wireless audio intersects the home.
  • Connecting brands interested in selling WiSA-enabled products with authorized manufacturing resources.
  • Leading the industry in bringing advanced wireless audio to the market.

If you are interested in joining the Association, please see Membership Types.

Membership Benefits

WiSA® Association Members and Associate Members receive these valuable program benefits:

  • Testing and Certification: Access to the Certification and Test Specification (CTS) to ensure members’ product designs will successfully pass compliance and interoperability testing. Passing the certification and interoperability testing ensures that any brand of WiSA Certified speaker works with any WiSA Certified CE source device (such as a DTV, set-top box, Blu-ray Disc™ player, etc).
  • Design and Testing Tools: In addition to the CTS, members gain access to a System Specification (SSS) document, Interoperability Requirements, test software, and test clips. The Association is also developing reference designs and application notes to identify best-practices in system design.
  • Marketing Tools: The Association offers a compliance logo placement program that identifies certified products in the retail environment. Consumers are able to easily identify WiSA Certified products and purchase them with confidence knowing they will work with any other WiSA Certified product(s) within the home theater environment. Member companies and their WiSA Certified products will also be listed on the Association’s website, be included in promotions at industry events attended by the WiSA Association and have opportunities to participate in additional co-marketing opportunities as appropriate.
  • WiSA Extranet: A members-only website for exclusive access to the latest advancements in WiSA technology, including access to the CTS.

These benefits and more are available to Members for a low annual fee and no per-unit royalties. To find out more, or to request an application for membership, please contact us.


Organizations interested in joining the Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA®) Association have two levels of program participation to choose from:


  • Members are manufacturers of products that incorporate WiSA technology. They agree to perform compliance and interoperability testing, and to abide by the WiSA trademark and logo usage guidelines. Members pay an annual fee on a sliding scale based on company revenue, up to a maximum fee of US$5,000.

Associate Member

  • Associate Members are trusted vendors of WiSA-enabled products, such as branded resellers, who agree to sell only 100% compliant products sourced from licensed manufacturers. Associate Members may display the WiSA logo signifying their membership in the association and indicating that they sell WiSA Certified products. Associate Members pay an annual fee on a sliding scale based on company revenue, up to a maximum fee of US$3,000

For more information of membership benefits and responsibilities please see Membership Benefits.